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"The single biggest medical advancement the world has ever seen is clean water, and the single greatest threat to societies future is chemically poisoned water." Graeme Harfman, Oct 10, 2019


What does this mean? 

Major cities like London had a terrible waste problem during the Industrial Revolution that began to be cleaned up in the late 1800's, the direct result from this waste was death from diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and others. Now in the 21st century, plastics, chemicals, and pharmaceutical developments have lead to the widespread distribution of chemicals into our natural water cycle from which we will be discovering the harmful side effects for years to come, much like we did in London in the 19th century. 


I am taking a stand for clean water, for my family, our neighbours, and the world, by designing wastewater systems that perform well for many years, and educating my community about the damaging affects our actions have on the neighbours around us. 

"The building of Bazalgette’s great sewage system and Dr. John Snow’s discovery that cholera was carried in contaminated water rather than through smell had reduced the risk of water-borne diseases such as cholera. A coordinated approach to the disposal of waste led to a reduction in the swarms of disease spreading flies. In 1850-1860 the area of Whitechapel in east London had a typhoid death rate of 116 per 100,000; by 1890- 1900 this had been reduced to just 13 per 100,000." Beverley Cook, Curator of Social History, Museum of London

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